Contrivances (2014), for clarinet, glockenspiel, vibraphone, and piano.

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The parts in Contrivances are unsynchronized. That is, all performers begin at the same time but each players holds an individual tempo, or, players attempt to keep a steady internal pulse, but are inevitably swayed faster and slower due to the temporal environment they find themselves in. In most of the instrumental parts, recognizable sound objects reappear throughout at evenly spaced intervals, serving as structural markers and harmonic anchor-points. Part of what is interesting in this piece is how the harmonies and rhythms line up against each other in different ways for each performance, even though each individual instrumental part boils down to well-defined—if mysterious—processes. Contrivances is dedicated to Peter Sloan.


Premiered in August, 2014, at The Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut in Oakland, CA. Recorded in November, 2014 at Littlefield Concert Hall at Mills College, Oakland, CA. 

Nava Dunkelman, Glockenspiel
Jacob Lane, Piano
John McCowan, Clarinet
Scott Siler, Vibraphone