Articulation (2018) for Large Percussion Ensemble (for Benjamin Myers)


[excerpted from an email to my brother and sister-in-law, dated February 19, 2018]

Hi Dave and Diane,
I spent the month of December working on this percussion piece that is dedicated to Ben. I realized that I had dedicated one to Andrew way back when he was a little guy, so it only seemed right, with his birthday coming up, to do the same here. It is called Articulation, and at least in one sense of that word, the piece is about gradually building up a language/set of meanings, through exploring repetitions of lots of different sounds/patterns, and for a listener to draw connections between the different patterns/sounds (whether they are ‘actually’ connected, or not). Sort of like when he says things that don’t actually make any sense, but resemble sense making: it’s a long process, and eventually he’ll have us all fooled...

Anyway, here is the score, a ‘demo’ recording (it will be played for real in April, and I’ll send you that recording eventually), and some graphs which may or may not really help show what’s going on. (Dave, I can even send the code if you’d really like to ruin an afternoon . . .)

Alright, hope you’re having a fun day. Love, Jon —(JM)

Articulation, performed by the William Winant Percussion Ensemble, UCSC, April 27, 2018

Articulation - temporal density over time

Articulation - temporal density over time