Edges (2016) FM radio feedback

Edges uses a feedback instrument consisting of two FM transmitters and two FM receivers. The receivers are tuned to the same two frequencies as the transmitters, allowing for two independent feedback loops when the signals from the receivers are sent (via cables and a mixer) back to the transmitters. In this case, the two feedback loops are panned slightly into each other, letting each loop interfere with the other, leading to complex rhythmic/timbral feedback states. The EQ on each mixer channel is pre-set in such a way so that a variety of different patterns can emerge with only slight adjustments to volume. For each performance, a set of time lengths is stochastically generated via a Python script which indicate 'silences' and 'notes'. The performer, following along with a stop watch, uses minute adjustments to volume knobs to achieve a 'note', and refrains from making any other adjustments until the next 'note' or 'silence'.